Oh-My-God Hot Springs


"Where's your camp" Franz inquired.

"Out past Oh-My-God Hot Springs" McCandless replied

"I've lived in these parts six years now, and I've never heard of any place that goes by that name.."

-A conversation Ronald A. Franz had with Chris McCandless after picking him up
(Chapter 6, Page 49)


Oh-My-God Hot Springs was close to where Chris McCandless camped out while staying around the Salton City, California area. It was here that he met Ronald Franz, the eighty year old he became pen pals with and urged to live a life similar to own, which he did when he took up McCandless's old spot not far from these (in)famous springs. After the brief descriptions about the place from reading the book piqued my interest I thought it would be a fun topic to do a page on, and after reading some of the comments on travel sites from people who have stayed there I can happily report my instincts were right on! After reading the chapter describing the assorted characters who frequented the springs, it sounded to me like hippies from the late sixties had entered a black hole that exited at the Oh-My-God Hot Springs thirty years later. Apparently it is still in use as a clothing optional destination, and after many google searches looking for more information on the springs, that notion was substantiated with quotes on travel sites such as "I remember people having babies out there on the slab who were afraid of getting them birth certificates for one reason or another." by someone with the alias 'thetiffinator'. Upon closer inspection it appears that the hot springs now still exist as a warm weather vacation for some, a vacation destination for others, and a home for a very few that still cling to their hippy glory days of yesteryear. One website claimed that there was only one person left who still lived year around at the springs; Gus, a feller living in a bus off social security. The site also appears to be a favorite spot for dumping waste illegally, and many people have dug holes and not covered them up, so you have to watch where you walk to reduce the odds of getting maimed. A bombing range is not too far off and on some nights you allegedly can see some pretty cool explosions. All together the place looks to be a pretty haphazard place to spend your vacation, but the camping is free so if one is in the southern California area, and feeling adventurous, this might be the place:


The Springs


Trash Near the Springs


A bookstore in Slab City